The Future of Member Management

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We make member management easy.

Membertech is one simple solution that ties everything together for your association.


Build professional looking email campaigns and press releases like a pro. Get reports and schedule them too.

Surveys and Ballots.

MemberTech helps you build surveys, ballots and quizzes and you can see all the details.

Continuing Education.

Deliver education and learning content as well as manage credentials.


You can setup score submissions with multiple displays, track progress and assign awards.

Why Choose MemberTech?

Website Management So You Don't Have To

We will help manage your website with the latest in HTML5, responsive techniques, progressive solutions and consolidation of frameworks.

High Praise

"The MemberTech platform is amazing. Decisions that used to take weeks now take only a few minutes, and the application is available to my team anytime, anywhere."

- one of MemberTech's many satisfied clients

Free License

MemberTech is the new generation of member management software

Free and open source license

Upload and maintain unlimited records

Manage your entire association

Integrate with other software

Cloud based multi tenant platform

MemberTech Features

One simple solution that ties everything together.


Deliver outstanding e-mail campaigns, press releases and bulletins to increase engagement, awareness and member satisfaction.

Surveys & Ballots

Quickly and easily deliver member surveys, run secure elections and report results instantly.

Continuing Professional Development

Our open, multi-tenant platform is infinitely flexible. Deliver training and CPD programs to your members.


Streamline conference, AGM and event registration using MemberTech.


With MemberTech, managing the enitre awards process from submission to selection is simple and straight forward.


Our open, multi-tenant platform is infinitely flexible. Now you can manage shopping carts and process transactions on your own terms.


Managing, collaborating and amending blyaws, policies and procedures is easy using MemberTech.

Website Management

Updating and managing website content is easy using MemberTech.

Help Desk

We are here to support you and your organization

In-country help desk and support services

Training and orientation

Data transfer from other systems

Customization and localization

Premium support starting at $500 per month



Hosting Services

Hosting includes backups, security monitoring, performance tuning, application upgrades, infrastructure updates.